Friday, December 7, 2018

Talova lava Bloggers today I am going to put a slide show but it is only one slide show and it mite but smill. Thank yo for reading it and follow me all the way down.Blog you later Bye. 

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  1. Hello Zion,
    It's Mandita,

    I like how you presented your task and all of the boxes in a colourful way and also I like how you have the great words used and all of the true information.

    This post reminds me of when I was in Hay Park and when I used to do lots of good quality work and also it made me think of when how much fun it was to do all of these tasks.

    Maybe next time you can add more writing to your post and add more POW words to your post and maybe you could make the history and background box of writing have no space under.

    Thank you for reading my comment I hope you have enjoyed filling out this.

    Have a great day.

    Kind Regards