Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Boy and his Dog

Hi bloggers today I am going to talk about The Boy and his Dog.

Here I was playing video games and I was home alone. Then my mum came home with a box and said, ”here open this box, it is something  for you”. Then I paused my video game and saw what was in the box. When I opened the the box it was a dog and I was happy until I saw it had 3 long legs and 1 short leg then I did not like it because it weed on me. I tossed the dog on the floor and the dog was barking at me because it wanted to play with me but I was playing my video game. Then the dog found a ball under the table and the dog went under the table and got the ball and he rolled the ball to me and I kicked the ball and the dog chased the ball. I was happy that it could run and then I stood up and picked up the ball and I went to the door and opened the door. I called out to my mum and said, “I am going outside!” Then I threw the ball and the dog chased and I was happy.

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  1. Kia ora Zion

    I like the way you described the setting of the story.You taught me that you spend more time with you friend and pets instead of playing games.How come you did not tell the boy name?

  2. Kia ora Zion,

    Its me Moszie I realy like how you talk about the dogs leg and how you talk about the end we the boy through the ball to the grass, you gave me a lot of information about the film. Do you like to have a pet dog.