Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Boy and his Dog

Hi bloggers today I am going to talk about The Boy and his Dog.

Here I was playing video games and I was home alone. Then my mum came home with a box and said, ”here open this box, it is something  for you”. Then I paused my video game and saw what was in the box. When I opened the the box it was a dog and I was happy until I saw it had 3 long legs and 1 short leg then I did not like it because it weed on me. I tossed the dog on the floor and the dog was barking at me because it wanted to play with me but I was playing my video game. Then the dog found a ball under the table and the dog went under the table and got the ball and he rolled the ball to me and I kicked the ball and the dog chased the ball. I was happy that it could run and then I stood up and picked up the ball and I went to the door and opened the door. I called out to my mum and said, “I am going outside!” Then I threw the ball and the dog chased and I was happy.

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