Monday, July 29, 2019

Should we keep the animals in the zoo?

Should we keep the animals in the zoo?

 Firstly I agree to keep the animals in the zoo because if we free the animals then the animals might not have enough food and they will be sick and might die. 

 Secondly, I agree that we should keep the animals in the zoo because some animals are endangered and lots are not endangered like fishes. 

 Lastly I disagree that we should keep the good animals and keep the bad animals out of the zoo because if we keep the bad animals in the zoo then the bad animals might escape and go and eat other animals and make them extinct

Friday, December 7, 2018

Talova lava Bloggers today I am going to put a slide show but it is only one slide show and it mite but smill. Thank yo for reading it and follow me all the way down.Blog you later Bye. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Christmas Cultures

Hi Blogger´s 

In room 6 we are doing the 10 days of Christmas challenge where we have to complete 10 blog tasks before the end of the year. Today I was finding out about Christmas in my culture and Cook Island. Here are my slides. I hope you enjoy.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Boy and his Dog

Hi bloggers today I am going to talk about The Boy and his Dog.

Here I was playing video games and I was home alone. Then my mum came home with a box and said, ”here open this box, it is something  for you”. Then I paused my video game and saw what was in the box. When I opened the the box it was a dog and I was happy until I saw it had 3 long legs and 1 short leg then I did not like it because it weed on me. I tossed the dog on the floor and the dog was barking at me because it wanted to play with me but I was playing my video game. Then the dog found a ball under the table and the dog went under the table and got the ball and he rolled the ball to me and I kicked the ball and the dog chased the ball. I was happy that it could run and then I stood up and picked up the ball and I went to the door and opened the door. I called out to my mum and said, “I am going outside!” Then I threw the ball and the dog chased and I was happy.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Talova lava blogers

Today our task was to find a article on kiwi kids news and then find a group 2 or 3 but my group had 8 people and it was fun because we have to act it out and my group was Kanishka, Fehi, Simon, Yazmine, Ina, fasial, Mekilini and me Zion it was fun and the best thing about my group is that we get to lift up one of my group me and Simon lift up Faisal and Fehi and Mekilini lift up Ina and it was realy fun.

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My Prediction

morning bloggers,

In class we have been reading a story called there´s a a boy in a girls bathroom.
We are nearly to the end of this book and I have done my prediction.

I  think bradley will give collen a present so bradley can ask jeff if jeff can ask him out.
Bradley will give her a birthday present that bradley likes but then collen might not like it.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my prediction.

Have you ever done a prediction before?  Let me know!!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Auckland win NPC 2018 title

Talofa lava Bloggers

Today I was in kiwi kids news and we have to find a story and I find one and it was  Auckland win NPC 2018 title. the national provincial championship, or NPC, is one of the major domestic rugby competitions.It was awsome at the game and I went with my uncle and my two brother.