Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Kia Orana Bloggers,

Today me and my class are  learning about bad habits. My bad habit is listening and chatting because when the teacher is talking and a person talks to me I do not focus on the teacher I focus on the person beside me. When the teacher finishes talking and I am talking to the person the teacher will ask me what did she say and I won’t know.

Another reason why not listening is a bad habit is because you might miss the instruction you don’t know what to do and when you go to a person and ask what do we do and the person will say where you listening and you will say no. So you will not get smart and you can stay in class and do your work in morning tea and lunch.

             What is your bad habit?What did you do? Bye Blog you later leave a comment and follow me.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My rugby and rippa rugby tournaments

Kia ora

On my rugby game we were versing a school. First we did rippa we started with a game called corner it was really fun. It is  a game that both of the teams have tag red and green the red team have to pass the ball without moving. The place was at memorial park at May Road it started when the school came. The people that came was  Nathaniel, Lucas, Andrew, Simon, Patrick, Yazmine, Raymond, Milia, JD, Valerie, Grace, Malia, Armaan, Faith, Rige, Eshaan and June. What we did is we warm up then we played a real game.Then it was finished and we won 11 to 3 and it was kind of hard and kind of easy.

By Zion Blog you later Bye.

Talofa lava,

My name Zion and this is me and friend. We were doing cheese tasting and it was really fun then we have to go on our Chromebook and do the cheese tasty task. We tried the one that tasted like chicken. And than we tried the last one the vine one it was kind of yum and yuck. 

bye see you next time