Monday, August 6, 2018

A turtle died

A sad story about a turtle I watch a video about a little turtle that was very sick and it was found at Ninety Mile Beach. The turtle was flown from Ninety Mile Beach to Auckland Zoo hospital.

The turtle was very sick and was a patient at Auckland Zoo Vet hospital. It was covered in moss and barnacles and was very Sun burnt from the sun.The Vet took x-rays and bloods and found out that the turtle was very sick and needed to be treated. The turtle was taken into a bathtub with warm water to keep his temperature warm and was put in intensive care to be look after.

Sadly  the turtle died after two days at the Zoo  hospital. The turtle was emaciated and had two bits of plastic inside its intestines and long piece of twine and light sting or strong thread and it was very bad sun damage to shell. The story give us a strong message that we must clean our oceans and reuse plastics and other materials. We must encouraged our people to use only one plastics bottle

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Friday, August 3, 2018

why do we yawn

Have you ever watched unhelpful video? Today i am going to be talking about a really useful  video.  

Have you ever wonder why we yawn? Well we yawn because we are tired or lazy and ti can happen when your brain is warm or hot.

have you wondered why we yawn? OK if you are sleepy or warm cool air you yawn and you can yawn when your brain is warm.