Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My rugby and rippa rugby tournaments

Kia ora

On my rugby game we were versing a school. First we did rippa we started with a game called corner it was really fun. It is  a game that both of the teams have tag red and green the red team have to pass the ball without moving. The place was at memorial park at May Road it started when the school came. The people that came was  Nathaniel, Lucas, Andrew, Simon, Patrick, Yazmine, Raymond, Milia, JD, Valerie, Grace, Malia, Armaan, Faith, Rige, Eshaan and June. What we did is we warm up then we played a real game.Then it was finished and we won 11 to 3 and it was kind of hard and kind of easy.

By Zion Blog you later Bye.


  1. That's a really cool shot of you, Zion. I am VERY impressed with your attitude towards writing this blog post. You came back from the competition and the first thing you asked me is whether you could blog about it! Look at how much you have written. You truly are amazing.

    I think you can write about more things that interest you and you enjoy! You are going to be a brilliant blogger in no time!

  2. Hi Zion,

    Wow, looks like it was a great day for rugby! I miss going to the sports games like I did last year. Well done on winning your game, that's a great result! I hope you've had a great holiday and are excited about going back to school on Monday. Did you play much rugby over the holidays?

    From Mrs Archer

  3. hi miss Archer thanks for commenting on my blog and it was very nice i hope you come to hay park school agin bye

  4. Hi zion

    Miss you hope you are still going well with your sports hope to see you next time baby brother take care
    Love you bye sister Lanu Mwah


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